What guarantees do I get?

We provide a 14-day money back offer for the contracted initial search period, (as set out in our Buyers Agency Agreement document). For the remainder of our contract, Greenstone Property Solutions assures you it will provide a personal service that puts your needs as priority in our effort.

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Is my personal data kept confidential?

Absolutely. Greenstone Property Solutions prides itself on its confidentiality and ensures all client records and data are kept secure. Client data is never discussed or shared (unless with your express consent, or as required by any rule or regulation if applicable).

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Can I cancel my contract?

You are entitled to cancel our contract at any time. Within the first 14 days, you will receive a full refund of the initial search fee. You can still cancel after 14 days has expired, with 21 days’ written notice but if this occurs, the initial fee will be retained.

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What if we do not find a suitable property?

If at the end of the contracted search period, we cannot find any property that you suits your needs, then no cost other than the initial upfront fee is incurred and we will close your file. We can agree to let the market lie for a while and return at a later date, or enter [...]

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