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Hassle free purchasing

Our job is quite simply to take the hassle out of buying property for you.

We offer honest (almost to a fault) and transparent service in all the work we do on your behalf.

We are experienced in finding available (including off market) properties that meet our clients’ specifications, negotiating hard to get a property at the lowest possible price and then supporting our clients through to completion and moving in.

With many years experience of buying, selling and renovating property in London and overseas, we know what to look for in property. This includes both what you can see and as often importantly, what you cannot.

We aim to work with all the other required specialists in the property process to ensure your property experience is as smooth as possible. This includes solicitors, surveyors, real estate agents, local councils (should alterations be required) and any other expert we may recommend to ensure we have all the facts to hand about the property and its surrounds.

Our fees are reasonable and competitive, but it really is the great Kiwi service and support that we feel our clients value.

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